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i am receiving the name from the $request in php.I want to do something like to add all the letters of the name in the array during the request e.g $name=$_request['name']; say $name='test'; i want to save it in an array in this format as array("t","e","s","t"). how can i do it ?

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see the php site

so it would be like

$name= 'test';

$arr1 = str_split($name);

would result in a array like:

    [0] => t
    [1] => e
    [2] => s
    [3] => t
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str_split is your friend.

$split_string = str_split($name);
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It may be sufficient for you to access the string directly as an array, without the need to format the data:

$a = 'abcde';
echo $a[2];

Will output


However you won't be able to perform some array operations, such as foreach

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Here you go

$i = 0;
while(isset($name[$i])) {
 $nameArray[$i] = $name[$i];
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Try this:

  $letters = array();
  for (int $i=0; $i < strlen($name); $i++){

       $letters[] = $name[$i]; 


and you can access it with:

   for (int $i=0; $i < strlen($letters); $i++){

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