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Ok, few days ago I made one post regarding to the remove of Hightlighted text in JTextArea:

Removing Highlight from specific word - Java

The thing is, that time I made one code to remove Hightlights macthing its size...but now I have a lot of words with the same size in my app and obviously the application isnt running right.

So I ask, Does anyone know a library or a way to do this removal macthing the content of each highlighted string?

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You could write a method to get the text for a given highlighter:

private static String highlightedText(Highlight h, Document d) {
    int start = h.getStartIndex();
    int end = h.getEndIndex();
    int length = end - start;
    return d.getText(start, length);

Then your removeHighlights method would look like this:

public void removeHighlights(JTextComponent c, String toBlackOut) {
    Highlighter highlighter = c.getHighlighter();
    Highlighter.Highlight[] highlights = h.getHighlights();
    Document d = c.getDocument();
    for (Highlighter.Highlight h : highlights)
        if (highlightedText(h, d).equals(toBlackOut) && h.getPainter() instanceof TextHighLighter)
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Perfect solution dude, works like a charm. Thank you very much! – Victor Oliveira Oct 28 '13 at 10:14

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