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I have started using the dsl toolkit in Visual Studio 2012

I have composed a dsl definition: A workflow provider can have many workflows and a workflow can have one start step. A step can be either a capture step or a decision step. Which in turn can have 1 or 2 steps connect to it respectively.

So we have a Workflow provider with an embedded relationship with workflow Workflow has a reference relationship to step Decision step has 2 reference relationships to step and Capture step has 1 reference relationship to step Capture step and Decision step inherits from step

This builds. As soon as I try to connect geometric shape to any step(base or derived) I get an error "The Parent Element Path for Shape Map from x to y must not be null.". Connecting it to workflow works fine.

I have looked at the error on the web but I have no clue what I should make the parent path given my current structure. Most examples are very simplistic. Also why can it automatically add the workflow parent path but not the step one?

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