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I'm looking to automate a variation on semantic versioning via our build server, using the following method:

1 . 2 . 3 . 456

|   |   |   |
|   |   |   +-- build number - incremented at every build
|   |   |   
|   |   +------ Patch number - incremented every time a branch 
|   |                          is merged into master
|   |
|   +---------- Minor version - we'll increment this manually
+-------------- Major version - we'll increment this manually

As long as every feature and bugfix is developed in a branch and then merged after review, this means our patch number will increment each time we accept a feature or bugfix.

So... what I need is a way to calculate the patch number based on the state of the repository. Ideally what we'd do is to create a tagged build each time we bump the major or minor version, so that in order to determine the patch number we'd:

  1. Find the tagged build corresponding to the last major.minor baseline
  2. Count the number of merges to master since that build

I have two questions...

  • Has anyone done this before? :)
  • If not, is there a better way of counting the 'merge' commits than just looking for 'merge' in the commit comment?
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