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I have created an application in asp.net MVC 3, I used highchart.js for rendering chart(stacked column) in view and its output is coming as svg. I need to convert this chart page into PDF file. I tried iTextSharp but its not showing the chart page content.

Is there anyway to convert html 5 to PDF?

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You can also use a webkit component such as HTM2PDF to render HTML to PDF - see an explanation here:

Highcharts to PDF with Webkit

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If you just want to convert svg to image then you can use PhantomJS (headless webkit browser). With help of PhantomJS you can render svg and make screenshot. Then you can create a PDF and insert that image into it.

Also you can Aspose.Pdf for converting svg into PDF directly. See: http://www.aspose.com/.net/pdf-component.aspx (it's a paid component!)

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