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I have a MSBuild file that uses item batching to send a bunch of files into a task. The target uses a vector of items for input and output.

When I run msbuild from the command line (I run make which then blindly calls msbuild), msbuild checks timestamps almost instantly and skips task execution (nothing to build).

When I call make from Visual Studio (make then blindly calls msbuild) the timestamp comparison takes around 20 seconds.

Any ideas? What is going on?

My msbuild file looks like this:

<!-- All items have metadata and look like this -->
<MyItem Include="Ignored">
  <Mod />

<!-- My main target looks like this -->
<Target Name="GenerateCode"
    <!-- ... -->
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Looks like when VS calls a tool it does not pass all environmental variables and sdk paths. VS ended up calling MSBuild 2.0 instead of 3.5

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