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I'm trying to write a Caml function and I'm having a few troubles with the typing. The function is :

let new_game size count gens =
  let rec continueGame board  = function
     0 -> ()
    |n -> drawBoard board size;
          continueGame (nextGeneration board) (n-1)

 continueGame (seedLife (matrix 0 size) count)  (gens) ;;

Here are the types of other functions :

val drawBoard : int list list -> int -> unit = <fun>
val seedLife : int list list -> int -> int -> int list list = <fun>
val nextGeneration : int list list -> int list list = <fun>
val matrix : 'a -> int -> 'a list list = <fun>

When trying to evaluate new_Game I have the following error :

  continueGame (seedLife (matrix 0 size) count)  (gens);;
 Error: This expression has type int -> int list list
        but is here used with type int list list

Why is this error occuring and how can I resolve it?

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seedLife takes 3 arguments, but it's only passed 2.

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oh thanks didn't see that thx :) –  user26830 Oct 10 '13 at 15:29

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