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When linking to a page using a named anchor e.g. page.html#heading the browser will load the page, then jump down to the anchor. Is there a browser event that fires when this has completed?

To explain my reasons behind it: I want to use the event to trigger an animation in the browser.

Many thanks.

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onscroll maybe? –  Neal Oct 10 '13 at 14:56

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Changing the hash triggers the hashchange event.

However, I don't think it fires when loading a url where the link already has the hash set. But you can check the hash (location.hash) on page load if you want a certain script to run depending on the hash.

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Thanks. I had seen the hashchange event but that fires, as you'd expect, when the window detects the hashed value in the URL. I am after the more specific event of the window finishing scrolling to the anchor. –  andyg1 Oct 10 '13 at 15:28

In Safari 7.0.3 on the Mac this works...

HTML has:

<a id="jumper" href="#aa">Jump</a>


var j = document.getElementById("jumper");

j.addEventListener("click", registerAnchorJump);

function registerAnchorJump(e) {
    window.addEventListener("scroll", unregisterAnchorJump);

function unregisterAnchorJump(e) {
    // trigger your animation...

Fancy footwork to prevent constant firing of scroll event as user scrolls window normally.

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