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Very new to Javascript - I have searched but found only partial answers to my issue.

I have a YES/NO option set on a CRM entity. When the user clicks YES, I want a confirmation prompt to appear with OK/CANCEL confirmation. This part works fine, but I also want the option set to return to NO if the user clicks CANCEL. I cannot figure this part out.

My code below - please could you indicate where the additional code should go which returns the option set back to NO on a CANCEL click? Thanks so much for assistance:

function new_submitforapproval_onchange ()
var approval = confirm("confirm message here");
if (approval)
  alert("ok message here");
  alert("cancel message here");
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just set the value of the optionset after your alert("cancel message here"): – Guido Preite Oct 10 '13 at 15:04
Great thanks,'new_fieldname').setValue(null) worked just fine in that spot. – user2867601 Oct 10 '13 at 15:22

A more generic solution could be the following function:

function confirmChange(eCxt, promptMessage, okMessage, cancelMessage) {
    var promptMessage = promptMessage || "This is the default prompt";
    var okMessage = okMessage || "ok message here";
    var cancelMessage = cancelMessage || "cancel message here";
    if (confirm(promptMessage)) {
    } else {
        eCxt.getEventSource().setValue(0); // This assumes the field is boolean. 
        //eCxt.getEventSource().setValue(null); // Change the above line to this if applicable to an OptionSet.

eCxt is passed to the function by ticking the "Pass execution context as first parameter" box on the event handler dialog for the Yes/No field you are applying this to.

The other 3 parameters are optional and can be set using the comma separated list field of the same event handler dialog.

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