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Does anyone know whether there is a simple way to record all urls on a path of url redirections?

For example: the url: (url 1) redirects to (url 2) which redirects to (url 3).

I would like to write a script that takes an input the string (url 1) and returns (url 2) and (url 3).

Is there a simple way to do this (ideally without using javascript)?


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This might help: ruby-forum.com/topic/142745 –  Linuxios Oct 10 '13 at 15:22

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in python:

import requests

url = 'http://nyti.ms/1gtu0MO'

r= requests.get(url)

urls = [e.url for e in r.history]+[r.url]

then you get:


[u'http://nyti.ms/1gtu0MO', u'http://nytimes.com/', u'http://www.nytimes.com/']

it works only if the redirection are in the http layer (the 30x range)

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require 'net/http'

def redirect_tracker(url)
  paths_array = [url]
  code = nil

    response = Net::HTTP.start(URI.parse(url).host){|http| http.request Net::HTTP::Head.new(url) }
    code = response.code.to_i
    paths_array << url if url = response['location']        
  end while (301..303).include?(code)

  return paths_array

# => ["http://nyti.ms/1gtu0MO", "http://nytimes.com/", "http://www.nytimes.com/"]
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Given a $response from LWP,

my @request_uris;
while ($response) {
   unshift @request_uris, $response->request->uri;
   $response = $response->previous;
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