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I updated my environment building wxWidgets2.8.12 with the current version of mingw/msys (gcc 4.8.1)

I used the configure script to build wx-widgets:

./configure --prefix=/wx  --with-opengl --enable-debug --enable-debug_gdb --enable-unicode

My application relies on the handling of some Exceptions using wxApp::OnExceptionInMainLoop in my subclass of wxApp. This was working fine using mingw gcc 3.4.5 and wxWidgets2.8.7 (prebuilt by wxPack)

Using the new build wxWidgets library, whenever a exception is thrown and not caught directly the program shows a "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" Window and exits with code 3

The except example provided with wxWidgets 2.8.12 (wxWidgets-2.8.12\samples\except) shows the same faulty behavior

I tried different versions of wxWidgets (static, release, monolithic) all with the same result.

Basic cross-library exception support in mingw seems to be ok, i verified this using this short test test

I would be most grateful for any useful hint, or even if somebody could verify my problem (just build the "except" sample in your installation, and select Throw unhandled exception)

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btw. this is not the first time i try to solve this issue, i posted in the wx Forum some time ago, sadly without getting any responses:… – baxit Oct 10 '13 at 15:27
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You need to use SJLJ (and not Dwarf) version of the compiler for the exceptions to propagate correctly from the Windows message handlers, so I think your problem is simply due to using a wrong version.

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Thanks! I used a sjlj version of mingw-gcc 4.8.1 provided by mingwbuilds and now everything works just fine. – baxit Oct 11 '13 at 7:26

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