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I'm trying to remove LEFT-TO-RIGHT-MARK (\u200e) and RIGHT-TO-LEFT-MARK (\u200f) from a string before encoding it as JSON. Neither of the following seems to work:

$s = mb_ereg_replace("\u200e", '', $s);
$s = preg_replace("#\u200e#u", '', $s);
$s = preg_replace("#\u200e#", '', $s);

Any help is appreciated!

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Which encoding is the string in? –  troelskn Dec 18 '09 at 19:59

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Your Unicode escaping is wrong, this should work:

preg_replace('/\x20(\x0e|\x0f)/', '', $string)


  $string = chr(0x20) . chr(0x0e) . 'fo' . chr(0x20) . chr(0x0e) . 'o' . chr(0x20) . chr(0x0f);
  echo $string . "\n";
  echo preg_replace('/\x20(\x0e|\x0f)/', '', $string);

Or, use str_replace():

  str_replace(array("\x20\x0e", "\x20\x0f"), '', $string);
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Why doesn't str_replace work? –  Asaph Jan 5 '10 at 4:05
actually, it does work. my test was ill conceived. updated answer to include str_replace(). could probably use strtr() as well. –  tmont Jan 5 '10 at 4:50
What exactly is \x0e? –  iankit Jan 24 at 15:35
@iankit \x0e is the regex equivalent of chr(0x20) –  tmont Feb 27 at 5:31

Have you tried encoding your script file in UTF-8, and actually typing (or copy+pasting) the characters in there?

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What about using str_replace, and coding that character using it's character codes ; something like this, maybe :

$new_string = str_replace("\x20\x0f", "", $your_string);

And, in your case, as you have several different characters to replace, you might replace them all in one call to str_replace :

$new_string = str_replace(

Does it work for your problem ?

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Could you try this? its utf8 encoding of 200e and 200f

$s=preg_replace('/\xe2\x80[\x8e\x8f]/', '', $s)

or with str_replace

$s=str_replace("\xe2\x80\x8e", "", $s);
$s=str_replace("\xe2\x80\x8f", "", $s);
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try this

preg_replace('/\x{E2}\x{80}\x{8E}/', '', $s); 
// strip unicode chars (LEFT_TO_RIGHT_MARK) 
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After wrestling with this issue for a couple of days, I finally have found the answer!

$str = preg_replace('/(\x{200e}|\x{200f})/u', '', $str);
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