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As this link says dead-letter-channel I come to know the header of message contains max re delivery times.

Starting with 2.6: The header CamelRedeliveryMaxCounter, which is also defined on the Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER, contains the maximum redelivery setting

So I try to set Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER to 6 as

int max =arg0.getIn().getHeader(Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER, Integer.class);

This is my full code

public class ActivemqRouteBuilder extends RouteBuilder {
public void configure() throws Exception {

            .process(new Processor() {
                      public void process(Exchange arg0) throws Exception {
                      int max = arg0.getIn().getHeader(Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER, Integer.class);
                      /*error producing code*/

Since the error is there in Processor() the message is trying to be redelivered 2 times, but I reset the Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER to 6 times so the message is suppose to be redelivered 6 times but its not happen instead its redelivered only for 2 times. But I can see 6 in output since I print max value. Can anyone suggest me what would be wrong?

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The property is a read-only property. You can use retryWhile if you want to do a dynamic way of redelivery number of times.

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