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I am using sqlalchemy in an app where celery tasks use a scoped session to interact with mysql.


engine = create_engine(

db_session = scoped_session(
    sessionmaker(autocommit=False, autoflush=False, bind=engine))

I use a celery task that's scheduled to periodically run (with celery beat) and create a TaskSet of the task that uses the session

def create_tasks():    
    tasks = []
    job = TaskSet(tasks)

Following is task the TaskSet is made of

def charge_now(tid):
    transaction = db_session.query(TransactionInfo).get(tid)

(I am doing an insert afterwards. I omitted that and some logic from the code for clarity)

Following is the error I get

Task tasks.charge_now[bf199346-0862-4709-95b8-053859ed5a6f] raised exception: ResourceClosedError('This result object does not return rows. It has been closed automatically.',)

I understand it's an issue created by multiple threads trying to share the same session but can someone point to how to fix this?

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I've had overlooked session remove. I subclassed Celery Task and made after_return do db_session.remove() (see how to do it). Since it didn't work I gave up TaskSet and used a plain delay to summon the task. When that failed, I tried just calling charge_now() method from create_tasks() task. It didn't help until I ran worker with --concurrency=1 –  chanux Oct 10 '13 at 19:52
1 AM and it's showing on my work. I added db_session.remove() at the end of charge_now() method and it works fine without crippling --concurrency=1. –  chanux Oct 10 '13 at 20:04

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