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We have conditional Footers that INCLUDETEXT based on the client:


Depending on our document, there could be a varying amount of IF/ELSE, and these all work correctly for merging the correct files in the correct place.

However, some of these documents may have client specific images/branding, which also need to be copied across from the INCLUDETEXT file.

Below is the method that is called to replace any Picture elements that exist in the IEnumerable<Run> that is copied from the Source document to the Target document.

The image is copied fine, however it doesn't appear to update the RID in my Picture or add a record into the .XML.Rels files. (I even tried adding a ForEach to add to all the headers and footers, to see if this made any difference.

    private void InsertImagesFromOldDocToNewDoc(WordprocessingDocument source, WordprocessingDocument target, IEnumerable<Picture> pics)
        IEnumerable<Picture> imageElements = source.MainDocumentPart.Document.Descendants<Run>().Where(x => x.Descendants<Picture>().FirstOrDefault() != null).Select(x => x.Descendants<Picture>().FirstOrDefault());

        foreach (Picture pic in pics) //the new pics
            Picture oldPic = imageElements.Where(x => x.Equals(pic)).FirstOrDefault();

            if (oldPic != null)
                string imageId = "";

                ImageData shape = oldPic.Descendants<ImageData>().FirstOrDefault();

                ImagePart p = source.MainDocumentPart.GetPartById(shape.RelationshipId) as ImagePart;

                ImagePart newPart = target.MainDocumentPart.AddPart<ImagePart>(p);


                shape.RelId = target.MainDocumentPart.GetIdOfPart(newPart);
                string relPart = target.MainDocumentPart.CreateRelationshipToPart(newPart);

Has anyone come across this issue before?

It appears the OpenXML SDK documentation is a 'little' sparse...

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I had faced the same problem when I was trying to copy the numbering styles from one document to the other.

I think what Word does internally is, whenever an object is copied from one document to the other the ID for that object is not copied over to the new document and instead what happens is a new ID is assigned to it.

You'll have to get the ID after the image has been copied and then replace it everywhere your image has been used.

I hope this helps, this is what I to use copy numbering styles.


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Thanks, but that's what I'm already doing - using FeedData(Stream) and then getting the part ID afterwards. –  Stuart.Sklinar Oct 16 '13 at 9:59
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