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I know how to get the local version number into a file with Eclipse. Right click, Team, set property then svn:keywords Id.

But how do you get the $GlobalRev$ to appear? There's something called svnversion which is supposed to do this but is it integrated into Subclipse?

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Subversion does not support the concept of a $GlobalRev$ keyword. There is a command line tool called svnversion that will output revisions to stdout. You can combine that with a script to write this to a file. This is asked about all the time, so there is a FAQ:


If you are on Windows, there is also a command line program available called SubWCRev.exe that is similar to svnversion but will do substitution in a file for you. Note that you cannot use this on a versioned file, you need the combine it with a template file of some kind. See:


Either of these could be run from Eclipse by setting up an External Tool command for it.

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Thanks. Problem is in this case I'm one temporary contractor in a big team some of which is permanent, so it's probably too much to expect everyone to add an external tool to their setups, even if that's the only solution... –  joedevon Dec 19 '09 at 22:44

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