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I'm using Node and Express and I have a very beginner question. In fact it's so basic that I'm having trouble coming up with a title for it. I'm writing a modular piece of logic. It involves a few javascript files and I'd like to keep them together in one directory. When I person goes to my web app, this code is to be accessed from routes/index.js. I want to have something like

var foo = require('???/logic');

and then when somebody loads the page I will call


and then assign what it returns to a variable used in the jade template

So my questions are 1. Where should I put my directory of modular code? node_modules? and 2. Does this, generally, sound like the right way to design an express app?

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Choose from the structure below based on the amount of code we are talking about.

A: single CommonJS module in a single .js file

  • You can export functions, constructor functions, properties
  • if you have 30 properties exported or more than X lines of code (for me X is 300ish, for others they are OK with 500ish), graduate to the next option

B: CommonJS module directory consisting of a my-module/index.js and other supporting .js files

  • other modules can require this with require('./my-module') and not know or care whether my-module is 1 .js file or many in a directory
  • Use this variant as your logic grows
  • loose coupling. High cohesion.

C: Put your logic in it's own npm module

  • This makes it shareable with the community and across your internal projects as well
  • The better you get at this and more comfortable with the process and tools, the more likely you are to skip A and B and just make standalone npm modules
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