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I created a service in wich I inject translator & templating services. I use it to send mail from controllers

Everything work fine, except that the twig template used to generate the email body is not translated.

I think that templating in service don't use the request locale of the calling controller, and use the default one, set for all the app. How can I set the locale to tell the injected templating service to use it ?

There is my code :

class Mailer
private $mailer;
private $templating;
private $siteUrl;
private $fromName;
private $fromAddress;
private $translator;
private $doctrine;

 * @param \Swift_Mailer     $mailer
 * @param EngineInterface   $templating
 * @param RegistryInterface $doctrine
 * @param Translator        $translator
 * @param string            $siteUrl
 * @param string            $fromName
 * @param string            $fromAddress
public function __construct(RegistryInterface $doctrine, \Swift_Mailer $mailer, EngineInterface $templating, Translator $translator, $siteUrl = "", $fromName = "", $fromAddress = "")
    $this->mailer      = $mailer;
    $this->templating  = $templating;
    $this->siteUrl     = $siteUrl;
    $this->fromName    = $fromName;
    $this->fromAddress = $fromAddress;
    $this->doctrine    = $doctrine;
    $this->translator  = $translator;

public function sendIndentConfirm(Indent $indent)
    $customer  = $indent->getCustomer();
    $purchases = $indent->getPurchases();

    $subject = $this->translator->trans("Confirmation of your order");

    $customerBody = $this->templating->render('ZamaECommerceBundle:Mailer:indentCustomerConfirm.html.twig', array(
        "indent"  => $indent,
        "subject" => $subject

            $customer->getUsername() => $customer->getFirstName() . " " . $customer->getLastName()

Thanks for your help,

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You could pass the $locale as an argument when calling the sendIndentConfirm method in your controller.

public function sendIndentConfirm(Indent $indent, $locale)

    $customer = $indent->getCustomer();
    $purchases = $indent->getPurchases();

    // Rest of your code
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OK, the problem was in my xliff file... No problem with my service everything works well.

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