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Yes, I know it is important and Tapestry needs it for its JS support and what not, but I do not use Tapestry JS functionality at all.

I have already managed to remove all the generic CSS and JS that is added by Tapestry, but I cannot find a way to remove this script from the bottom of most pages:

Tapestry.onDOMLoaded(function() {

What I tried is to override the JavaScriptSupport class, providing my own, completely empty implementation. But the script is STILL there! I believe the methods responsible for inserting this script are called addScript() but providing empty implementation for them does not solve the problem.

Part of AppModule:

public static void setupApplicationServiceOverrides(
        MappedConfiguration<Class, Object> configuration, ObjectLocator locator)
    configuration.add(JavaScriptSupport.class, new JavaScriptSupportOverride());

Part of JavaScriptSupportOverride:

public void addScript(String format, Object... arguments)

public void addScript(InitializationPriority priority, String format,
        Object... arguments)

I need it quite badly and I would be happy to set bounty when SO permits me.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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This seems like a strange thing to be doing as you'll break everything. But you could do it by removing the "JavaScriptSupport" MarkupRendererFilter from the MarkupRenderer pipeline:


public static void contributeMarkupRenderer(OrderedConfiguration<MarkupRendererFilter> config) {
    config.add("JavaScriptSupport", null);

Tapestry uses MarkupRendererFilters to add things like CSS and JS files to the HTML. Download the tapestry sources and take a look at TapestryModule.java. It seems like you might want to remove / tweak some of the core filters which include:

configuration.add("DocumentLinker", documentLinker);
configuration.add("JavaScriptSupport", javaScriptSupport);
configuration.add("RenderSupport", renderSupport);
configuration.add("InjectDefaultStylesheet", injectDefaultStylesheet);
configuration.add("ClientBehaviorSupport", clientBehaviorSupport);
configuration.add("Heartbeat", heartbeat);
configuration.add("ValidationDecorator", defaultValidationDecorator);

* edit *

References to after:* have been changed to before:* (since the first filter also runs last).

Another solution is to let all of the core filters run and contribute your own MarkupRendererFilter which is ordered "before:*". This filter could go through the DOM and remove anything you don't want before it's written to the Response output stream.

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Thanks for the ideas. You are right, passing null for JavaScriptSupport was not a great idea :). How would I go about contributing MarkupRendererFilter then? How to order it so that it runs after all other filters? –  Eleeist Oct 11 '13 at 12:52
Your example removes JavaScriptSupport by passing null. How would I go about adding my own filter that removes JS from DOM? config.add("something", myfilter.class)? –  Eleeist Oct 11 '13 at 16:33
either config.add("myfilter", new MyFilter(), "after:*") or config.addInstance("myfilter", MyFilter.class, "after:*"). More details here and here –  Lance Java Oct 14 '13 at 8:23
Thanks, I have been able to contribute MarkupRenderer filter that runs after all the other filters. Having MarkupWriter I do markupWriter.getDocument() but I get null... –  Eleeist Oct 14 '13 at 16:52
You'll need to call MarkupRenderer.renderMarkup(writer) before your logic. –  Lance Java Oct 14 '13 at 19:54

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