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So I need to add '0', to every line of a 22245 line file, all the values are different so find and replace isn't working, I'm wondering if there's a regex way or something that I can use notepad++ to insert thins 32 characters from the end of each line?

Or maybe a different program or way? I know a php script would allow me to insert a variable number of spaces from the beginning or the end, but it seems like an unnecessary amount of effort.

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Using notepad++, you can use a capture group ( ( ... ) ), the end of line anchor ($) definite quantifier {32} to mean 32 characters, the wildcard . and the replace backreference in the replace box like this:



Replace with:


Or use a positive lookahead, find:


Replace with:


Make sure you have checked the box for regular expression search.

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Awesome! Thank you! –  salty Oct 10 '13 at 18:41
@salty You're welcome :) –  Jerry Oct 10 '13 at 18:44

If you want to insert a word / line at a specific line, you can use the following solution. It reads the whole file contents into an array, and use array_splice() to insert the new word into it:

// read the file into an array
$lines = file('file.txt');

// set the word and position to be inserted
$wordToBeInserted = 'foo';
$pos = 32; 

// add the word into the array and write it back
array_splice($lines, $pos-1, 0, array("$wordToBeInserted\n"));

// write it back 
file_put_contents('file.txt', implode('', $lines));
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