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I have the following code which uses node-postgres:

    var client = new pg.Client(conString);
    client.connect(function(err) {
        if(err) {

            throw new Error(console.error('could not connect to postgres '+  err));

    client.query('select * from public.spatial_ref_sys', function(err, result){ 
        throw new Error('kokpokopko');

I would think when this code executes, 'ffdafda' would be printed to the screen and an error with message 'kokpokopko' would be thrown. I even stuck a in breakpoint which never breaks in the debugger. Since these things never occur, I am assuming the callback is never called.

Is there some sort of option I need in order to get the callback called? I am reading the documentation and I see nothing.

It is important to note client.query is being called. I have proved it by checking its return value.

Thank you very much!

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