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Go simple list of categories with nested sub, sub-sub, sub-sub-sub categories. It is made collapsable by simple onclick event when you click on li a element all parent ul are being hidden or if it wasnt shown, the first level parent uls are being shown.

Now I would like to make it droppable so I could put things into the categories. Generally it is not the problem at all, making things draggable, making li as droppable ...

But the tricky part is when you are over (sub)category when trying to drop - to make it auto expand if it is collapsed, after 3 seconds... (something like when you drag a file to taskbar on windows, the task is being shown after 3 seconds so you could drop your file in that application).

The code is like this:

$('.categories a:not(.add)').droppable({
    hoverClass: "to",
    accept: ".testdiv",
    tolerance: "pointer",
    drop: function(event,ui){
    // NOTHING
    over: function(event,ui){
        if($(this).parent().find('> ul').length == 0) return false;
            var xthis = $(this);
            $(this).timer = setTimeout(function(){
    out: function(event,ui){
        if($(this).timer !== 'undefined')
    deactivate: function(event,ui){
        if($(this).timer !== 'undefined')

But there is a problem:

The Timeout is not being canceled when moving out of the category in less than 3 seconds. Why?

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