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I've just noticed that Scrutinizer is picking up some of my code as duplicated on a project I'm doing with Symfony 2. The duplicated bits appear in Entities, where the getId(), setCreatedAt(), setUpdatedAt(), getCreatedAt(), getUpdatedAt() methods get called as duplicated.

Now, this isn't a huge deal - however I've tried creating a BaseEntity class, with the same properties, getters and setters, and when running the entity generator, the parent fields are automatically added to children classes, with a private access modifier.

php app/console doctrine:generate:entities --no-backup <bundle>

So, after running the generator above, the children classes will now have a $id, $created_at, $updated_at properties, with a private access modifier + getters/setters of their own. Of course, I then get the following exception:

$id must be protected or weaker

I'm a tad confused - why is this happening and what's the proper way of ensuring that Entities in Symfony inherit a default set of properties?

By the way, the entities, unaltered.




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