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In a UiTextView i have a function to jump to the next character after the caret:

textView.selectedRange = NSMakeRange(textView.selectedRange.location+1,0);

When i have emoticons it doesn't work, i have to it twice.

I was wondering if i can check if the next character after the caret if a special character so i move 2 instead of 1 in caret location.

And when i try to get the NSString of thaT range it doesn't give anything or error

 NSRange myRange = NSMakeRange(textView.selectedRange.location,1);
 [textView.text substringWithRange:myRange]

Any help?

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Use the NSString rangeOfComposedCharacterSequenceAtIndex: method. For most characters this will return a range with a length of 1. But for characters with a Unicode value of U+10000 or more, this will give a range with a length of 2.

This will move the caret to the next character:

NSRange nextRange = [textView.text rangeOfComposedCharacterSequenceAtIndex:textView.selectedRange.location];
textView.selectedRange = NSMakeRange(nextRange.location + nextRange.length, 0);
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Hey, I had my answer almost finished :-) - I only think that the + 1 in the first line is wrong. – Martin R Oct 10 '13 at 21:20
Hmmm. Yes, you are correct. Updated. Thanks. – rmaddy Oct 10 '13 at 21:22

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