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I am new to Haml and am trying to simply place a span tag within an anchor link like so:

.text Here is some copy.
= link_to 'Visit website', 'https://websitelink.com/', class: 'link'

This is throwing an error, "syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end"

How Do I perform this simple task?

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Rails’ link_to helper accepts either the link text as a parameter or as the result of a block.

In this case you probably want something like this:

= link_to 'https://websitelink.com/', class: 'link' do
  %span Visit website

Note the do indicating a block, and that there are only two parameters to the method, the “Visit Website” text has been moved into the block.

This renders:

<a class="link" href="https://websitelink.com/"><span>Visit website</span>
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