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So i've been trying to build a regex for the past couple hours and i'm starting to go crazy in thinking if this is even possible or worth wild.

I have a script that scans PHP files checking MD5 sum for known malicious files, and certain strings. Most recently i've come across files where instead of using base64_decode in the PHP file, they are using variables and concatenating it so the scanner doesn't pick it up.

As an example here's the latest one I found:


So because the scanner searches for base64_decode this file wasn't picked up as they are using PHP to concatenate base64_decode in a variable, and then call the variable.

Forgive me because i've just started with regex, but is it even possible to search for something like this using regex? I mean, I understand and was able to get a regex that would match that exact one, but what about if they used this instead:


It wouldn't be picked up because the regex was looking for ' then b then a, etc etc.

I've already added


To send me an email as a notice to check the file, i'll have to let it run for a couple days and see how many false positives show up, but my main concern is with the base64_decode

If someone could please shed some light on this for me and maybe point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.


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You can use this regexp:


It searches for base64_decode with any non-alphanumeric characters interspersed.

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