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The problem is that it works in firefox but not in chrome and ie, when clicking to modify the screen goes dark. I use C #.

Code HTML:

    <a style='<%# (bEditar?"":"display:none;") %>' href='<%# "javascript:Editar(" + DataBinder.Eval(Container,"DataItem.ID__Perfil") + ");" %>' title="Editar">
    <img alt="Editar" src="../../../images/ico_editar.gif" border="0"></a>

function Editar:

function Editar(pID)
    // Se envía el comando...
    document.Form1.hidAccion.value = "MOD";
    document.Form1.hidDatoAnt.value = pID;

and the problem:

   function Enviar(pForm) {
        if (pForm.dispatchEvent) {
           var event = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");
            event.initEvent("submit", true, false);
        else if (pForm.fireEvent) {

            // Se ejecuta el onsubmit...
            // Se hace el submit...
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