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I am completely new to maven.

And I have the following maven-assembly file to debug.

    <!-- Adds dependencies to zip package under lib directory -->

        <!-- adds jar package to the root directory of zip package -->

Issue with the above file is that the underlying application needs to get jars from two related projects.

Both these projects have some jars with same names.

When I execute mvn clean assembly:assembly, it copes all the jars from the two projects into one folder.

Obviously, this overwrites some jar files and that is where the problem begins.

Due to this, I start getting ClassNotFound errors.

Please help me in sorting this out.

Also, I am not sure were the variables ${project.build.scriptSourceDirectory} and ${project.build.directory} are being defined.

I have searched the entire source code for this but no good.

Now I suspect these to be some maven specific variables, but I am at a loss to understand this.

If you have some great maven tutorial for an absolute fresher to maven, please do provide.

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In order to start using maven you should read this first: http://books.sonatype.com/mvnref-book/reference/public-book.html.

In second instance you can read also some examples: http://books.sonatype.com/mvnex-book/reference/public-book.html

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