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Could anyone please help how do I solve this error:

Native code library failed to load.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ts-jni in java.library.path

I am using IDEA IDE as a first time, and have been using Resin_4.0.37 as a server to test my work. As soon as I start my lcoal server in debug mode it stays for approximately 1-2 mins and then suddenly it drops down and get disconnected by giving me the above error.

I have set my Windows environmental variable correctly; and have also did the following in my IDE intelliJ:

 FILE->Project Structure->set Global Libraries->a. Java path and b. Resin library path.

Can any one please suggest me, what am I doing wrong and how do I set native library in intelliJ IDEA to solve the mentioned error.

Any help would be appreciated. Also do correct me if I am doing something wrong.


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If you run your program from IntelliJ then you can set the java.library.path in the VM options input field in the Run/Debug Configurations dialog.

enter image description here

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