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What is the best "how to" site to learn how to program for iPhone?

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May want to consider making this a community wiki. – SmartMethod Dec 18 '09 at 21:43

The iPhone Developer Connection by Apple themselves. On the site you will find.

  • Reference Documents outlining the various technologies.
  • Tutorials and Getting Started Guides for each type of thing to do with the iPhone
  • Sample Code that shows off the power of the SDK
  • Registered developers get access to Videos showing everything from installing the SDK to publishing.

Also check out this iTunes U course (iTunes link) put out by Stanford that covers a look to good tips and items on iPhone Programming

Here is the course homepage at Stanford for the above course.

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+1 for mentioning Apple's sample code library. A lot of the code isn't exactly perfect -- some of it is still using 2.x idioms -- but the library itself is quite extensive. – Shaggy Frog Dec 18 '09 at 21:50

There is a very nice compilation here on SO:
What are the best Cocoa-Touch/iPhone programming blogs?

Here is a well written article on "Cocoa is my girlfriend" that describes how to create a small iPhone app from scratch:
Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example

A good beginners article to learn Objective-C is Scott Stevensons "Learn Objective-C". (As it was written in the pre-iPhone era, it targets Mac software developers, but it is about basic language concepts - so it valid for both platforms)

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The official iPhone developer portal has all the docs and some tutorials.

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I had started out looking at this site: Its been a while, not sure if they've updated it but about back in Feb 2009 it was very helpful to me.

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In my personal experience (I wasn't initially familiar with objective-C or even C, for that matter - my programming background was PHP Javascript, and shell scripting), I found a number of books more helpful than any website - maybe this is the answer you're looking for:

  • "Programming in Objective-C 2.0" by Stephen Kochan (for learning the language. Until I had this book, I continued to be confused with most of Objective-C)
  • "iPhone SKD" published by O'Reilly (for getting an initial grasp of how to do things)
  • Developer Documentation (part of XCode - try [Alt-double clicking] on a word in XCode)
  • google search
  • occasionally even the framework header files (in XCode) of the libraries you're using

Using the first three tools, I found that I could figure out most of what I needed to know. When I was at a loss after checking those sources and doing a google search, this forum has been indispensable for learning what I need.

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