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I have computed a table from a query and it looks like this:

2    3
2    15
3    2
7    12
12   7
15   2

I only need the unique tuples here. i.e. Out of the tuples where UID1=2,UID2=3 and UID1=3,UID2=2, I need only 1 tuple in the output.
Tried using join on this table with UID values swapped in the other table, but again the same result appears in the output.
Any suggestions, please?

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See this SQL Fiddle that should solve your problem.

It's a self-join on both combinations of uid1 = uid2 and keeps only 1 result based on whichever uid1 is "smaller".

  test t
  inner join test t2
    on t.uid1 = t2.uid2 
       and t.uid2 = t2.uid1
  t.uid1 < t2.uid1;
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Perfect! The 'ordering' of tuples was the thing here, didn't strike me. Thanks a ton! – Armageddon Oct 11 '13 at 3:19

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