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I want to be able to have this:

POST /items controllers.Application.update()
POST /items/:itemType controllers.Application.update(itemType: String)
POST /items/:itemType/:id controllers.Application.update(itemType: String, id: Int)

but that doesn't compile due to the error of method update is defined twice. Then I changed it and it didn't compiler either:

POST /items controllers.Application.update(itemType: Option[String] = None, id: Option[Int] = None)
POST /items/:itemType controllers.Application.update(itemType: String, id: Option[Int] = None)
POST /items/:itemType/:id controllers.Application.update(itemType: String, id: Int)

the errors are:

  1. the previouse one
  2. and type mismatch; found: Option[String]; required: String

What do I do about that? I wouldn't like to do something like this:

POST /items controllers.Application.updateAll()
POST /items/:itemType controllers.Application.updateByType(itemType: String)
POST /items/:itemType/:id controllers.Application.updateByTypeAndId(itemType: String, id: Int)

and this doesn't look good either since I'd like to use Option instead of the empty string:

POST /items controllers.Application.update(itemType: String = "", id: Int = "")
POST /items/:itemType/:id controllers.Application.update(itemType: String, id: Int = "")
POST /items/:itemType/:id controllers.Application.update(itemType: String, id: Int)
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Unfortunately it seems support for Option was removed in v2 - see here for example - so you may be stuck with either coding your own PathBindable to handle Options (as mentioned in the above link), or one of the other unsavoury choices you've noted.

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can I cast the parameters from url to a certain type? (itemType: MyClass1, id: MyClass2) – アレックス Oct 11 '13 at 8:38
Sorry, I've never looked into that myself, so I couldn't say. – Shadowlands Oct 11 '13 at 11:07

If you're able to change your URL format, you have the ability to use Option.

Route: POST /items controllers.Application.update(itemType: Option[String], id: Option[Int])

URL: http://localhost:9000/items?itemType=someItem&id=123

With this format, you are able to omit itemType, id, or both when making the web service call.

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I want there to be "/" and not "?". – アレックス Oct 11 '13 at 14:24
I understand. It's much cleaner that way. I wanted to present the option in case you (or others looking for a solution in the future) had/have a need to use Options. – Andrew Jones Oct 11 '13 at 14:29

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