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I am having a problem that seems to be due to caching of dart packages etc.

My work machine runs some dart polymer examples without any problem. I use the same project on my home machine it it consistently gives the exception below:

Exception: Class '_textfieldElementExtension' has no instance method 'createInstance'.

NoSuchMethodError : method not found: 'createInstance'
Receiver: Instance of '_textfieldElementExtension@0x1d7f4e'
Arguments: [Instance of 'MyExample', Instance of 'PolymerExpressions']
PolymerElement.instanceTemplate (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:383:30)
PolymerElement.shadowFromTemplate (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:233:31)
PolymerElement.parseDeclaration (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:202:34)
PolymerElement.parseDeclarations (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:194:23)
PolymerElement.prepareElement (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:170:22)
PolymerElement.created (package:polymer/src/instance.dart:152:21)
_initCustomElement (package:custom_element/custom_element.dart:622:18)
registerCustomElement (package:custom_element/custom_element.dart:62:25)

I know that DartEditor places file .dartium and DartEditor in the users directory. Apart from these directory and the installation directory of the editor itself, where else are DartEditor files placed?


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There is a directory where the downloaded packages are stored. (~/.pub-cache for linux, don't know Windows).

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