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I have a database on couchdb 0.11.0 in a debian 6 box - I have been struggling to transfer this database to another debian (7) box with couchdb 1.2.0. The error seems to be around 'content type ' specification. The apache-couchdb documentation talks about 'simply applying a patch to the replicator to allow content type: application/json'. But how do you do this? Any help deeply appreciated

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You could just copy the db file instead of using the replication. By default (on Centos) this file it can be find under /var/lib/couchdb/ path. Once you copy it to couchdb 1.2.0 folder it should notice the old database file format and upgrade it.

Note: You might have to restart the database to make it notice the new file, although I'm not sure if this step is necessary.

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Worked very well - many thanks. Just need to make sure the database is owned by couchdb and group couchdb –  Paul Oct 11 '13 at 22:35

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