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I'm trying to make c# bindings for a library. I used cmake to create a visual studio 2010 solution from the library source, and that compiled fine. I used the included .i file to create the wrappers as per the instructions here ( ) using cygwin. I then added the resulting liblsl_warp.cxx file to the same project. It still compiled fine, so I would assume that the resulting .dll includes the required bindings.

I've added that project to my c# application and am trying to add a reference from the c# project to the resulting dll (also tried adding a reference to the project). The only error I get is A reference to 'lsl' could not be added..

What steps am I missing? I looked at a couple examples, and I am basically setup the same way, but their examples are significantly easier.

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SWIG produces both C# and C++ source code. The C# code uses DllImport to import the functions from the C++ side - it doesn't use .net-like bindings. Therefore the C++ DLL does not need to be (and cannot be) registered, and hence can't be 'referenced'. Referencing is for registered DLLs.

So you have a C++ DLL and a C# exe. Just ensure the C++ DLL can be found by the exe, by putting it in the same folder for example. Don't worry about referencing it.

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