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I'm trying to re-route the root path based on the sub-domain request. I had browsed through few articles which mentioned 'constraints' in the routes for rails 3, as mentioned below

MyKillerApp::Application.routes.draw do |map|  
  resources :comments  
  resources :articles  
  resources :blogs
  constraints(Subdomain) do  
    match '/' => 'blogs#show'
  root :to => "blogs#index"  

In lib/subdomain.rb

class Subdomain  
  def self.matches?(request)  
    request.subdomain.present? && request.subdomain != 'www'  

can the same be achieved in rails 2.3 ....?

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i'm not 100% sure, but i don't think so –  phoet Oct 11 '13 at 8:30

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No, router constraints was a new feature in Rails 3.

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You don't have this feature implicitly in rails 2.3.x, it was with rails 3. You can always write your own method to do the mapping and route those links to that particular method and reroute from there.

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I came around the problem using the subdomain-fu gem. Thanks for the help.... :-)
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