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I created a new sharepoint farm and used the database attached method to copy my content-database from my old farm to the new one. That's all fine. Then I noticed it alse coppied over the user rights. I wanted this site to start off clean with no rights so I removed all the user groups. and removed all the sharepoint user profiles by using the stsadm command remove-spuser. After this I tried to share my site with a specific user. The share box found the user and added him. But when that user tries to access the site... he still gets the "Sorry, this site hasn't been shared with you". I don't know if this is relevant but I noticed that If I add that same user to the Site Collection Administrators group - he is in fact able to open the site. also all the new user profile account names are in a different format exmp. the old account names were in the format of domainname\username the new account names starts with i:0w: ... don't know if that is of any relevance. Any Ideas as to what I can try?

Thank you

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Stackoverflow is for programming related questions, not admin questions - try sharepoint.stackexchange.com. In any case: You said you deleted all users and groups, did you re-create groups to put the new user in? The format of the account names is relevant as you are now living in the Claims based world. Check that you added the user e.g. to the "Owners" group of the site and see if the users is allowed in. Secondly and very important check the ULS logs when the user accesses the site. You will the the exact error there, not the "hasn't been shared" stuff. –  Dennis G Oct 11 '13 at 6:59

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