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I have a function:

function ColoredQuote($string) {
    $buffer = preg_replace('/>.+/', '<span class=quote>$0</span><br />', $string);
    return $buffer;

And it works great when there is a simple string only i'd like to format. But I want to make this function working only when the string with > mark is after a new line and when there is second new line mark at the end of it. I also want to prevent space right after the > mark. I was trying adding \n, the ^ mark and other that might be helpful but it's not working.

So the pattern should looks like:

[br]>any text[br]

This is popular quoting method on imageboards

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Ok, I did it by myself, so for anyone who will find it useful:

function ColoredQuote($string) {
    $buffer = preg_replace('!\>\S.+!', '<br /><span class=quote>$0</span><br />', $string);
    return $buffer;
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To replace all lines beginning with > alter your regexp to this:

$buffer = preg_replace('/^>.+$/', '<span class=quote>$0</span><br />', $string);

^ means start of the line $ means end of the line

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