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I'm creating dijit widget from input:

<input name="serviceName" type="text"/>
input = new ValidationTextBox({required: true}, query('[name=serviceName]')[0])

I have a lot of inputs and I want to batch-process them, giving them to separate function.

The problem is, that I can't find in docs, how to get the input name back from widget (which can be also Select, DateBox etc., neither I can find that property inspecting element in Firebug

function processInput(input) {
   var inputName = ???

I've tried input.name and input.get('name'), but they are returning undefined.

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When instantiating your widget programmatically, properties are usually not copied. It's only when you use declarative markup that these properties are copied. This means that the name property is not copied from your original input node, so it's in fact empty.

When creating your ValidationTextBox, just provide the name property like the example below:

var inputNode = query('[name=serviceName]')[0];
var input = new ValidationTextBox({
    required: true,
    name: inputNode.name
}, inputNode);

You can then retrieve the name with either input.name or input.get('name').

I also made an example JSFiddle.

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