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I am rewrting a newsletter-thingy.

I have a table for all newsletter fields, that is like this:

field_uid | field_name | field_content | field_letter_id 

Where f.x. the column field_name can have the value letter_headline and the column field_content can have the value My headline.

When I do this:

$fields = $this->db->dbh->query("SELECT field_name, field_content FROM newsletter_fields WHERE field_letter_uid = '". $letter_id ."'"); 

foreach($fields->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC) as $key) {

It will correctly give me this:

Array ( [field_name] => letter_image0 [field_content] => image.jpg ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_headline [field_content] => My headline ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_headline_size [field_content] => 12 ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_sub_headline [field_content] => My subheadline ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_sub_headline_size [field_content] => 10 ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_content [field_content] => Letter content ) 
Array ( [field_name] => letter_link [field_content] => www.example.com )
Array ( [field_name] => letter_link_txt [field_content] => Example )

What I want is to build an array like this

$field["letter_image"] = "image.jpg";
$field["letter_headline"] = "My headline"

And then I can output the content with:

echo $field["letter_image"];

But I can't seem to figure out how to set the field array.

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2 questions: - Is letter_image always followed by a number? - Do you want your $field array to be consistent (ie, are your letter_image and letter_headline linked)? –  Sylvain Oct 11 '13 at 9:24

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Easiest solution is just iterate through your array, like:

$result = [];
foreach($data as $row)
   $result[$row['field_name']] = $row['field_content'];

You'll probably want to do this in your fetch cycle (so you'll avoid then iterating through rows twice)

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Nice and simple! Thank you! –  Morten Hagh Oct 11 '13 at 9:59

Garh... Nevermind..

Fairly simple

$field[$key["field_name"]] = $key["field_content"];
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