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I Use the following code for load the sql table values into the datatable

        DataTable dt = new DataTable();
        SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Connection String Here");
        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select * from ExportExcel", con);
        int total = 0;
        foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
            int salaryvalue = Convert.ToInt32(row["Salary"]);
            total = salaryvalue + total;


And I add Salary,total dynamically.But It Shows in first column one by one.

enter image description here

But I need salary in Department column,and total in Salary Column.How to do this? enter image description here

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you can use

     dt.rows.add(new object[]{"","Salary",total });

Instead of calculating Total you can use Datatable.Compute Method

     object total;
      total= dt.Compute("Sum(Salary)", "");
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You should write like this after your foreach loop,

DataRow drNew=dt.NewRow();

Hope this helps

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You actually want to add only one row, so just add one row.

dt.Rows.Add(string.Empty, "Salary", total);
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The ADO.NET information that you need for this can be found at msdn: DataRow. You can either compute it in code, like you've done or insert a function in the excel document.

DataRow row = dt.NewRow();

row["Name"] = "Salary";
row["Salary"] = total;
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Hehe.. so funny, or sad really, that questions that can be easily answered (by looking up msdn) always get a ton of answers, and the ones that are hard get shunned cause there's no points/min to be had from them... –  Mithon Oct 11 '13 at 10:05
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First, don't use * in your query, that produces just nasty errors in future. Name all of your columns that you want to retrieve.

You have to add an empty string for the first column:

// dt.Rows.Add("Salary"); <-- remove
dt.Rows.Add("", "Salary", total);

By the way, you could also use following query to get the total count:

int total = dt.AsEnumerable.Sum(r => r.Field<int>("Salary"));
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