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What I want is to easily multiply a number by another number for each column and add them up at the end in Google Docs. For example:

User | Points 1 | Points 2 | Points 3 | Total
     |     5    |     1    |     4    |
Jane |        2 |        3 |        0 |   13 (2*5 + 3*1 + 0*4)
John |        1 |       11 |        4 |   32 (1*5 + 11*1 + 4*4)

So it's easy enough to make this formula for the total:

= B3*$B$2 + C3*$C$2 + D3*$D$2

The problem is I frequently need to insert additional columns or even remove some columns. So then I have to mess with all the formulas. It's a pain... we have many spreadsheets with these formulas. I wish there was a formula like SUM(B3:D3) where I could just specify a range. Is there anything like MULTIPLY_AND_SUM(B2:D2, B3:D3) that would do this? Then I could insert columns in the middle and the range would still work.

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You can accomplish that without requiring a special-purpose function.

In E3, try this (and copy it to the rest of your rows):


You can read about arrayformula here.

As long as you introduce new columns between B and D, this formula will automatically adjust. If you add new columns outside of that range, you'll need to edit (and cut & paste).

On it's own, arrayformula(B3:D3*B$2:D$2) operates over each value in B3:D3 in turn, multiplying it by the corresponding value in B$2:D$2. (Note the use of absolute references to 'lock down' to row 2.) The result in this case is three values, [10,3,0], arranged horizontally in three rows because that matches the dimensions of the ranges.

The enveloping sum() function adds up the values of the array produced by arrayformula, which is 13 in this case.

As you copy that formula to other rows, the relative range references get updated for the new row.

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Exactly what I was looking for! –  at. Dec 2 '13 at 0:52

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