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I am trying to rewrite URLs using mod_rewrite. It is enabled in httpd.conf and url rewriting works if the lines are in the httpd.conf file. However, I would like the rules to be in the .htaccess file. It doesn't appear that .htaccess is being processed at all by Apache on Win2k.

I have ReWriteLogging turned all the way up, but the log file isn't being created. The last line in httpd.conf is

AccessFileName .htaccess

.htaccess contents

RewriteEngine on
RewriteLog "c:/rewrite.log" 
RewriteLogLevel 15
RewriteRule /alice.html$ /bob.html


edit : Apache version 2.2 on Windows 2k

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Check that AllowOverride FileInfo is enabled in httpd.conf for the directories affected; see also You might also check permissions on the .htaccess files themselves, to ensure there's nothing preventing Apache from reading them.

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