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I would like to know, how many ways can the statements of 2 processes be interleaved? I know what interleaving is but I can't seem to derive a formula.

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You mean, two processes, one having N atomic statements, and the other with M atomic statements, and you want to count the number of ways they can interleave on a single processor? I don't know the answer, but seems a good start. – Martin Vidner Oct 11 '13 at 13:58
an upper bound (albeit not tight) would be a permutation of the instructions (N+M)! – jev Oct 13 '13 at 14:34

It's the Binomial Coefficient and it is responsible for the combinatorial explosion of possible interleavings that makes analysis of multithreaded code very challenging if not impractical.

So given process P1 with N instructions and process P2 with M instructions you get N+M over N, i.e. (N+M)! / N!M!, interleavings, which grows exponentially even for relatively small number of instructions per process. For instance, if you have two processes with five instructions each, the number of possible interleavings is 252. Most real-world applications have, however, millions of instructions, and often more than merely two processes (or threads) involved.

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