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I'm on my first Django blog and when trying to get the posts by year, month and day, using the built-in generic view from Django, but I don't get proper results. (Sorry for my non-professional first question.. if someone knows what is the appropriate question, please let me know)

Well, I think it's better to show you my configuration to make yourself a better picture:

Complete blog URLconf:

from django.conf.urls.defaults import *

from weblog.models import Entry

entry_info_dict = {
    'queryset': Entry.published,
    'date_field': 'pub_date',
    'template_object_name': 'Entry',

urlpatterns = patterns('django.views.generic.date_based',
      (r'^$', 'archive_index', entry_info_dict, 'weblog_entry_archive_index'),
       'archive_year', entry_info_dict,


urlpatterns = patterns('',
(r'^blog/', include('weblog.urls.entries')),


            <h2>Archive for {{ year }}</h2>
                    {% for month in pub_date %}
                            <a href="/blog/{{ year }}/{{ month|date:"b" }}/">{{ month|date:"F" }}</a>
                    {% endfor %}

Supposing I have the following blog entry:


and now request


I get no objects, though when giving the full URL the post is shown.

I think Django is failing silently somewhere, though it's in DEBUG mode, and I can't figure out where. I'd appreciate any support with this one.

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The month information is stored in the context variable date_list, not pub_date.

From the django docs for archive_year:

Template context:

In addition to extra_context, the template's context will be:

  • date_list: A list of datetime.date objects representing all months that have objects available in the given year, according to queryset, in ascending order.

The following should do the trick:

{% for month in date_list %}
        <a href="/blog/{{ year }}/{{ month|date:"b" }}/">{{ month|date:"F" }}</a>
{% endfor %}
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that's it.. I missed the point with pub_date. Thanks Alasdair – Kenny Meyer Dec 19 '09 at 2:39

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