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I have code written in server side VB.

<script language="vbscript" runat="server">
Function SomeMethod()
End Function 

How I can call this piece of code from javascript part of server side code?

 <script language="javascript" runat="server">
    //some code

    var a = SomeMethod();


When I try to call VB function the next error occurs.

Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a138f' Object expected

Thank you!

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All parts of code runs at the server side. – Nodir Oct 11 '13 at 12:20
possible duplicate of Using VBScript function in JScript when Language=VBScript – AnonJr Oct 11 '13 at 12:45
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This is essentially the same question as this one, though the focus is more on the order of execution side of things. ASP will execute the scripts in different order, depending on the language and syntax:

  1. global.asa
  2. server-side includes
  3. Javascript tagged with <script> tags
  4. HTML together with scripts tagged within <% %> delimiters
  5. VBscript tagged within <script> tags

More information can be found at MSDN and OWASP.

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