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I need to look at "externalize strings" eclipse plug-in source code.

I have to make a modified version of that functionality and don't want to start from scratch. I try to import the plug-in using File->Import->Plug-ins and Fragments, which I think is the right way to do it, but I don't have a clue of what is the name of the plug-in, and it has not an intuitive name (or at least I have not found it) :-/

Any ideas of what is the name of the plug-in or where else can I find the source code of that specific functionality?

Thanks in advance

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Simply use the plug-in spy (Alt+Shift+F1) on the Externalize String Wizard.

You will see that its class is the org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.refactoring.nls.**ExternalizeWizardPage**, invoked by the **ExternalizeWizard** class.

If you have the classic RCP eclipse edition, the sources are included: just click on the links displayed by the plug-in Spy.
(Otherwise, all sources are available at, as illustrated by the two previous links on the ExternalizeWizard[...] classes)

Mandatory screenshot with shaky hand-drawn circles...

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Thanks :-) I've solved the problem the hard way, but this is much better. Great Info! – Demián Dec 19 '09 at 21:13

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