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Is there any library / plugin for a custom scrollbar which supports the height 100% property or just percentage at all? I've tested like dozens of jQuery scrollbar plugins but none of them seem to work properly without fixed height.

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2 Answers

You could use

var objHeight = window.innerHeight;// to get the pixel height

and set the pixel height of the plugin you are trying to use to

(objHeight.toString() + "px")

To get the innerHeight or innerWidth of other DOM elements with jQuery, try jQuery's own innerWidth/innerHeight() method: http://api.jquery.com/innerHeight/ .

NOTE: If you have a border on the object, use the normal height and width() methods instead of innerHeight() or innerWidth() since the inner methods include element padding but not borders.

If you need the scrollbar to scale to height or width changes, create a callback on a jQuery resize event:

var resizeFn = function() {
//do resize calcs with getting height and widths and 
// setting plugin updates to new height and width
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Or you could use the standard scrollbars and set the css of the element you want a scrollbar on to overflow:auto; or overflow:scroll; and then set the height to 100%. –  bwinchester Oct 11 '13 at 13:33
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You've tested dozen plugins, but miss some: try to use jQuery Scrollbar, which does not require height to be set. Also, height can be limited with standard css max-height value in px or % of parent container.

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