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I'm trying to send emails using Google Apps Migration API v.1, however I fail to send them and Code does not throw any exception or error. Here is my code:

    MailItemService   mailItemService = new MailItemService("exampleCo-exampleApp-1");

    MailItemEntry entry = new MailItemEntry();
    Rfc822MediaSource mediaSource = new Rfc822MediaSource(mail.getInputStream().toString());
    entry.addLabel(new Label("pruebas"));
    MailItemFeed feed = new MailItemFeed();
    for (int i = 0; i < mailItems.size(); i++) {
         BatchUtils.setBatchId(mailItems.get(i), Integer.toString(i));
   mailItemService.batch("domain", "destinationUser", feed);
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Can you define what you mean by "send"? It's against the APIs ToS to use it for anything other than migration of old mail to a mailbox (e.g. performing regular new message mailbox inserts is not allowed). If you're trying to send the mailbox new mail, use SMTP and/or IMAP.


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