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I have a batch file with the code below to stop and start the SQL Report service:

net stop "SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER)" 

timeout /t 10

net start "SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER)"

I have set up the scheduled task to run daily, it currently runs as SYSTEM with the highest privileges set. I have set up the start in folder option on the action, and everything generally seems to be set up correctly. But when I run the task nothing seems to happen, it says the task has run but I cant see that the service has been restarted as it is meant to.

Can someone direct me to what I am missing? Thanks

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Does it work if you use your user credentials rather than system? That will be a good test to see if it is functioning as a scheduled task. Maybe rem out the net start line and verify that the service has actually stopped - to see if permissions is an issue. – foxidrive Oct 11 '13 at 13:04
I've edited it so it only has the stop line and I have tried using my credentials, and those of another user but it didnt stop the service. I can run the batch file by itself, not with the task, and it works fine – jimminybob Oct 14 '13 at 7:58
Maybe it's not being launched correctly or there is still a permissions issue - or there is more in the batch file that we haven't yet seen. – foxidrive Oct 14 '13 at 8:22
The batch only contains the bit i've copied in above. I've just read elsewhere that if the batch contains quotes then it wont run from a task. Is this the case? If so how can I get around it? – jimminybob Oct 14 '13 at 8:29
You've misunderstood the quote comment, or it's plain wrong. On the command line you need to double quote any terms that contain spaces and other poison characters, but they will work fine. In task scheduler you may need to launch the batch file like this: cmd /c "c:\myfolder\mybatch.bat" – foxidrive Oct 14 '13 at 8:33

Make sure you set the 'Start in' and 'Program/script' options correctly. If your file address is: C:\Temp\foo.bat, set the 'start in' option to 'C:\Temp' and the 'Program/script' option to 'foo.bat'.

To set the 'Start in' option: Right click task in the task scheduler > Properties > Actions > Edit.

If this alone doesn't work then try moving the .bat file to a directory with basic permissions (maybe a shared directory for example).

I had a problem where my .bat file was located in a folder with some restrictive permissions on it, so that only my user account could access it. Even though I had set up the task scheduler to use my credentials it still failed. Moving the .bat file to another directory sorted the issue.

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This worked. Just had to set the '''start in''' parameter to the directory the bat file was in. – Kolob Canyon Mar 6 at 1:38

Wasted a lot of time on this silly issue!

add a cd command to where your batch file resides at the first line of your batch file and see if it resolves the issue.

cd D:\wherever\theBatch\fileIs.bat

TIP: please use absolute paths, relative paths ideally should not be an issue, but scheduler has an difficult time understanding them.

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Relative paths were killing it in my case. Thanks for the tip. – NLV 4 hours ago

I had the same problem. I believe it's a privilege problem. If you have "Run only when user is logged on" selected, then it won't happen.

You've hopefully figured it out by now, but I wanted to register it here for the next person who has wasted hours on this.

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Set 'Program/script' -- > file.bat set 'Start in' the rest of path (file.bat)

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Had the same issue, make sure you check "Run only when user is logged on" at least that is what made my bat file alive again.

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The solution is that you should uncheck (deactivate) option "Run only if user is logged on".

After that change, it starts to work on my machine.

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